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France is comprised of 8.8% of immigrants.

Jesus the Good Shepherd International Church (JTGS) is founded by Filipino immigrant pastors and have attracted multi-cultural believers. People of different backgrounds and education, united with the same purpose – to be blessing and to be blessed in the foreign chosen land.  France becomes an immigrants’ promise land.

Have you ever asked yourself why did you choose to be uprooted from your country of origin and settled to a foreign land, here in France?

It is clear somehow that it is due to strong economic reasons – the will to get ahead in life if you will earn a living so to speak.

Does your goal end once you set foot? 

Maybe for you, that is what matters and that’s the fulfillment of your story. It is a work, earn, send money, then work, earn, send money cycle. Your families’ lives are somehow being materially uplifted. But not too many of us know that there’s more to that.

God has called you to be where you are today because you have a purpose in life – a purpose much bigger than what you hoped for yourself or for your family.

Just like Abraham in the Bible who originated from the City of Haran, God has called him to be uprooted and go to the land of Canaan. God called Abraham into a covenant of faithful service (Genesis 12) and God promised that He will bless Abraham and his family and descendants. He will bring him into the land flowing with milk and honey where he will experience so much favor and blessings, if he will be obedient. Faced with hurdles and challenges, Abraham walked his faith and obedience and thus pleased God. God’s promise of blessings is upon him and to the generations after him.

You are Abraham’s descendant.

Galatians 3:29 says “And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s descendants, heirs according to promise.” The promise should flow to you and to your family. You are in a foreign land to effectively walk the purpose that God has breathed into your existence. If you’re in a foreign land, then you’re sure to be experiencing trials, opposition and even great heartache. You have to be equipped to be able to face your hurdles. Hurdles that will form you and not destroy you. You are in the stage of preparation to be what you are called to be in this life. Let God make it happen for you through your obedience.

Come, let us find our purpose and be the people God want us to be.

Join us at Jesus the Good Shepherd Church, where Christian living is victorious!

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