JTGS turns 19

Jesus the Good Shepherd International Church (JTGS) was established in 1999 to serve the international community of the vibrant and multi-cultural city of Paris.

From the beginning, JTGS’ primary mission has been to reach out to all nationalities for Christ. Nineteen years later, the mission hasn’t changed. This year, we celebrate the countless number of lives that God has changed through JTGS Church, and we look forward to what He will do next.

JTGS has experienced 19 years of seeing God’s goodness and sustenance through the years.

The anniversary celebration was held last March 4, 2018. It started with the praise and worship team leading the congregation into a praise party, with everyone shouting praises, and leaping and dancing for joy. Then Pastor Bong Bugarin gave an eye-opening message about how the word Church was derived from the Greek word “Ecclesia” which means “the called out ones to hear a message”. After the Pastor’s sermon, some of the guest speakers were invited to share a few words of encouragement. Before the service ended, the church leaders and their ministry members were introduced to the whole congregation. And as a testament of humility, they served the congregation with delicious Filipino food and beverages which everyone enjoyed.

Looking forward

We’ve seen our ministry thrive through the difficulties, grow stronger through the obstacles. We’ve witness our ministry expand through church planting in the Philippines and Martinique. There are yet still many territories to conquer for Christ but as we look back on God’s faithfulness over the last 19 years, we can’t help but look forward to the next 19 years with awe and expectation.

Camille Quintela

Pastor Bong Bugarin addressed the congregation and gave a prophetic word about JTGS’ future missions in the City of Lights

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