Martinique Outreach 2017

Nine services in six days, some of them back-to-back. In some of them Pastor Bong prophesied to every person there. In other, words, it was a very busy, very productive trip. Lives were changed. People were challenged to come up to a higher level of faith. The healing power of God was ministered with patience and compassion.

We rented a room for six nights of revival meetings, from Tuesday to Sunday. Every night the crowd was bigger than the night before, until there was standing room only. Every night brought first-time visitors. The first-time visitors almost always came back the next night.

We were blessed.

The saints in Martinique found comfort and refreshment in Pastor Bong’s message of victorious, overcoming faith in Jesus.

The themes of the messages included the difference between kairos and chronos time, the authority of the believer, the difference between revelation and information, and effect of listening to the word of God and not just hearing it.

Pastor Bong also ministered in Reveil du Nations church in Le Robert, Martinique, where he prophesied to every member, calling forth the ministers of the future. He also presided over the graduation ceremony of Le Feu du Reveil’s Bible students, and a special commissioning service for the director of Le Feu du Reveil, Jeanne Desbrailles.

Joshua Nickels