JTGS turns 20

March 10, 2019, Paris, France — On a Sunday that will long be remembered, Jesus the Good Shepherd International Church (JTGS) celebrated its 20th anniversary.

During our worship service, we praised our Lord together in song, prayed in both French and English, and listened to a message from Pastor Bong Bugarin about fulfilling what God has called us to do.
We also remembered those special times when we experienced the power of God upon us corporately through stories and presentations.

In the fullness of our joy, we wanted to mark this celebration meaningfully by asking our members to answer the question, “Why do you love our church?”. Their responses were enthusiastic and encouraging. And we are happy to share with you why we love our church!

We hope that their feedback will make you consider being part of our mission to love God and love others for the next 20 years and beyond.

Melanie Adlao, 33

What I love the most about JTGS Church is its welcoming environment. Everyone makes me feel like I am loved — no strict rules, no judgements or negativity! As a baby Christian, I feel empowered here. Lastly, the Pastors, leaders and members collectively manifest the anointing of God — I absolutely feel it in this place.

Lanie Zulueta, 32

What I love about JTGS is that it has the whole package of what I am looking for in a church! For the 5 years that I have been around, all I can feel is the outpouring of love: love from the Father and the people that I cannot put into words how that makes me so happy.

Mylon Quintela, 42

I have witnessed testimonies after testimonies of healings of all kind, families reunited, lives transformed, breakthroughs and job promotions, among others. Good things happen in here that simply do not happen elsewhere. God is truly at work in my church — and I have found my refuge.

Jethro Petilla, 17

Coming to this church is unlike any other! I get a double dose of learnings: it has not only kept me in touch with my Creator, it also kept me in tune with what it means to be Filipino in France. So, I love coming here to further deepen my connection with God and my roots.

Cris Fernandez

What I love about JTGS Church is its commitment to share the gospel and to lead us to have a deeper intimate relationship with God. The church puts special emphasis on equipping, building up, and steering us towards our God-given destiny (Ephesians 4: 12).

Jullienne Opelanio, 19

I love everything about JTGS Church! The warmest, kindest and funniest group of believers can be found here. Not only that this church has immensely brought me closer to God, it has also made me aware of the gifts and talents that the Lord has given me; that they are ought to be used to their abundance to advance the church’s mission. No one is excluded in this church — whatever your age, interest, situation, or personality, you have a place here!

April Samonte, 27

I love JTGS because this church has helped me to get to know the true God. My relationship with God has blossomed and He has led me to a place of servant hood in the Music Ministry. This church provides as well many Bible study cell groups to grow in your faith.

Elena David, 55

I love my church for many reasons.
First, I feel the presence of God in this house. Second, the pastors allow the move of the Holy Spirit. You can see their desire to create spirit-empowered services where they do not put any time limit and every Sunday is crowned with an altar call. Lastly, love is the most defining characteristic of the people. Everything they do is based on love, and that speaks volume to me.

Manilyn Carranza, 27

I love the people and the Pastors, they are amazing! Just knowing that they are there for me, can get me through difficult times of my life. I am blessed to be part of this church.

Roel Petilla, 36

I love my church because we have great Pastors who are committed spiritual teachers, leaders, shepherds; plus they are dedicated to all the members. They challenge us personally and collectively, to fulfil the last recorded words of Jesus to the disciples—striving daily to be an Acts 1:8 church.
I also love my JTGS family because every gathering is teeming with inspiring testimonies and amusing fellowships that make you want to return for more!

Maybel Casipit

I was separated from my family for quite a long time and nothing has filled the void quite like my JTGS family. This church is truly an extension of my immediate family. I am growing spiritually and emotionally, and the best part of it all is I have learned this: if God can forgive me, I can forgive myself. This church offers the right atmosphere where I can grow into the beautiful person God has called me to be.

Sandra Baldovino

I love JTGS because this church is full of vibrant, generous and wonderful people. Me and my family are glad to be part of such an inclusive and positive place.

Amalia Valbuena

The first thing that I love about my church is the concept of family is so strong; how love is so evident and on display toward each other. Despite how different we are, when we come together — we are ONE. I have experienced the true meaning of love in this church (John 3:16). 
Me and my family have been on this journey of serving God and we have seen, and experienced the hand of God in our lives and the life of others. We are also blessed to have a Pastor who shares himself and his family, with his congregation, in many genuine ways.

Ivy Dungo, 31

JTGS church is full of amazingly heart-warming people! I feel at home, secured, and complete here. It is also a spirit-filled congregation because every time I come to church, I can feel the Holy Spirit roaming around. Moreover, I love the way Pastor Bong preaches — insightful, encouraging and amusing all at the same time.

Roselyn Francisco

I found a family here in JTGS! It is a place where sense of belongingness, acceptance, love and nurturing abound. I am also fond of the way the Praise and Worship team sing. This is probably because I used to be part of their ministry. I love that we get to sing nice songs that reinforces our adoration to God.

Lorilyn Mamaril, 37

God has changed my life through JTGS by the Word of God that the pastors preach and teach. I also feel the assuring presence of the Holy Spirit here and these are the reasons why I love my church.

Zhaycee Faith Quintela, 14

I love JTGS Church because this is where I gain knowledge about the Word of God. The children ministry is broken up well and goes all the way to high school age. I am happy to get to spend time with my friends and meet other people too.

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