Gilles Lesieur

Gilles Lesieur, Pastor and Founder of Yvetot Church, was born and raised in Le Havre, France.

He grew up as a devout atheist, until the day God revealed Himself to him.

After finishing his Bible College studies at the age of 22, he was ready to take his relationship with God to the next level. The opportunity for full-time service came at the age of 30.

Through his leadership, and under the blessing of the Hand of God, many more churches were soon planted all over France and his ministry extended throughout Africa. Among his initiatives included a missionary center, an orphanage, and an NGO dedicated to improve educational conditions of young students in Senegal and Cameron.

Pastor Gilles is also proudly serving as Elim France’s secretary.

He is married to Mireille, and they have one child and two grandchildren.