Kurt Owen

Pastor Kurt Owen’s heart and dedication for people, churches, and ministry is unparalleled.

His passion for helping churches become healthy, strong, vibrant, and active both locally and abroad can be seen throughout his life and 20 years of ministry.

Before founding Kurt Owen Ministries, Ministers of Victory and becoming Senior Pastor of Real Life Church with his wife Terry Owen—Pastor Kurt Owen had a successful career in private investigation and executive protection.

Not your average minister, he has the privilege of serving as both a pastor and a chaplain—working in conjunction with several local Law Enforcement agencies in Saint Lucie, Florida. His unique background has shaped his leadership skills, multiplied his ministry opportunities (traveling ministry for over 20 years and served Kenneth Copeland for 17 years), and enriched him personally in countless ways.

Not only is he a remarkable leader, Kurt Owen is also a great mentor to our church. He mentors pastors and places great emphasis in the formation of its leaders via his teaching resources at http://kurtowen.com/teaching-archive/